How is an ophthalmologist different to an optometrist?

Optometrists are qualified to provide all aspects of primary eye health care including prescribing glasses or contact lenses.  They may also prescribe or sell a range of medicines for treating eye infections and allergies. They must be registered and you can ask to see their annual practising certificate and scope of practice documents. Ophthalmologists are medical specialists who treat serious diseases of the eye by surgical or therapeutic means. Their specialisation and skill level means they are providers of secondary and tertiary eye health care who work in hospitals and private clinics.

Do I need to be referred to make a booking at Hamilton Eye Clinic?

Although referrals are not compulsory, they are much appreciated by our doctors as it confirms your need to see an ophthalmologist rather than an optometrist and gives the doctor some history on what has happened with your eyes in the past and the reason for referral.

How much will it cost?

A set price cannot be offered as fees vary between each consultant. Initial consultations can cost between $155 and $270. If you would like an estimate for a specific doctor’s services, please call us.

Will my insurance cover this?

In most cases, health insurance companies will cover our services to you.We recommend, however, that you contact your insurance provider prior to your appointment, if at all possible, to confirm whether or not your appointment(s) and treatment(s) will be covered. As we are an Affiliated Provider for Southern Cross, if you are a Southern Cross member we can apply for prior approval and submit claims for affiliated services on your behalf. Each doctor has their own contract with Southern Cross, relevant to their specialty, so please also check with your doctor’s secretary/PA that your treatment is covered under their contract.